Boss Of Your Body

Private Monthly Membership

How to drop weight overcome mid-life symptoms and feel good again with my personal support! This is an exclusive monthly membership in a secret group in Facebook. No contract; No risk. Special Bonus: You'll have access to ask me questions weekly- the secret sauce!

Don't be left out. Reg $97 Month

Special $37/mo

Overcome Crohn's

Just  2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days

How to Overcome Crohn's & Colitis without more medications or surgery with a proven natural step by step system. You don't have to be at the mercy of your disease. Your first bit of relief can begin with your next meal.

There is an answer for you here.

Reg $2500  6 Month Private Program.

2 Pay of $47

Boss of Your Brain

2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days 

How to Manage and  Even Improve Alzheimer's and Dementia Without More Medications Using a Simple Natural Step by Step Method. This is a powerful program with life- altering research that you deserve to know.

Protect yourself & help aging parents!

You have more control than you think.

Reg Part of $4500 Corporate Workshop

 2 Pay of $47

The Blissful Mom

Special 2 Pay of $47 

How to Find Real Balance Between Raising a Family and Your Work.

Discover simple steps in a proven model that can easily show you the way to less stress, more peace and time for you. If that's not enough, there's

helpful real life stories of success!

Reg Part of $4500 Corporate Workshop

2 Pay of $47

Consult with Lana

Reg $695  On Special $495

This 1 hour phone consult can cut your learning curve because I answer your questions on the spot. Your food journal is also deeply analyzed and you leave with a customized plan to achieve your goals whether it is weight, symptoms or a serious condition. Book it, then Email to set up a time.

Please note there may be a wait list.


Boss of Blood Pressure

2 Easy Installments of $47

Learn how to overcome high blood pressure and heart disease with food, quick daily habits and rare simple steps that you can do at home using a proven plan. Heart disease starts when we

are children! Don't worry, it's reversible.

There's a medical breakthrough in here.

This was a  $2500 4 Month Program

2 Payments of $47

Boss of Your Scale

Just 2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days

How to drop 2-3 pounds every 5-6 days without dieting, counting points or buying expensive food plans. This is a proven plan for serious ladies who finally want control! And if that's not enough you'll learn how to eat out & when to eat so you'll quickly burn fat!

Reg $2500 6 Month Private Program

2 Pay of $47

Get Over GERD

Just 2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days

How to overcome GERD - Acid Reflux

without expensive medications or procedures with a proven natural step by step system. Find relief quickly at home. It can be on it's way to you with a few clicks. Don't worry there's no need to continue to risk your health. 

Reg $2500 6 Month Private Program 

2 Pay of $47 

Boss of Your Breasts

2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days Reg:

How to Prevent or Manage Breast Cancer with little- known, accurate health information and simple steps in an easy to understand format so that you can feel calmer and more in control.

Peace and hope can be in your hands

within minutes so that you can relax.

Reg part of $4500 Corporate Workshop

2 Pay of $47

Calm College Stress

 Special 2 Pay of  $47

How to Help Your College Student Manage Stress Safely, Easily and Naturally Without Anti- Depressants or Expensive Stressful Treatment. Get

access to proven steps here! And, get your student off to a great year!

Reg $497 Workshop. Special today.

2 Pay of $47

Half Day with Lana

Reg $4,995  On Special $3,495

This is the Ultimate Wellness Time, spend Four 1 Hour Phone Consultations with me and uncover your specific steps so that you can achieve your goals.

 Also included is my $2500 Signature program & 5 programs of your choice! 

Extremely rare information is shared!

Book it here and then simply Email to set up a time.


Boss of Your Mood

2 Easy Payments of  $47

Discover science- based steps that can help overcome stress, anxiety and depression without medications using an easy to implement, proven method

that my colleagues and I used for years! Bring a sense of relief to your life while protecting your physical health too. This was a $2500 4 Month Program

2 Payments of $47

Boss of Your Skin

Just 2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days 

How to overcome skin conditions and

learn why I no longer needed a 

dermatologist! Enjoy clear hydrated skin without invasive treatments or expensive medications even if you're battling rosacea, eczema, acne or psoriasis.Includes solutions for thinning hair too. Reg $2500 6 month program

2 Pay of $47

Build Up Immune

Just  2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days

How to Boost Your Immune System and Overcome Auto Immune Issues with proven steps even though you may have been told there´s nothing you can do to feel better but take medication. Discover medical breakthroughs that

most people do not know about.

Reg $2500 6 Month Private Program

2 Pay of $47

Boss of Your Baby

2 Payments of $47 @ 30 Days 

How to Protect Your Baby  with rare information that most new Moms didn't know existed and your well - meaning doctor probably doesn't know. Don't be left out of this very important program! Revealing data from a doctor at a major university and a top pediatrician.

Reg  Part of $4500 Corporate Workshop

2 Pay of $47

Clear College Brain

Special  2 Pay of $47

How to Help Your College Student Stay Focused So That They Can Study With Less Stress and  Keep Up Good Grades Without Meds and Monster Drinks.

Hear what my colleagues are raving

about, don't leave your student out!

Reg $497 Workshop. Special today.

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Lana Speaks

Email Ask How Fee Can Be 50% OFF 

Empower your audience in person or virtually. Your team leaves with"how to"steps and breaking medical news. Choose in person if within 1 hour of Warren, OH or Zoom video conference around the world. Contact me at to see how your

speaking fees can be HALF OFF & A

Limited Bonus of a Group Q & A Call!

$2,900 1/2Off

My Skinny Kitchen

2 Easy Installments of $47

Learn exactly how to set up your kitchen so that you have simple ingredients at

your finger tips that can help you drop weight, boost your metabolism, energy and your mood! Included is "My Skinny Kitchen Recipe Guide" full of soups, 

salad dressings, appetizers, party snacks

quick meals, desserts & chocolate too!

2 Payments of $47

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