How to be The Boss of Your Body, Burn Fat by The Hour & Balance Hormones In Days Without Dieting, Precriptions or Killer Workouts. 

How To Drop 2-3 lbs Every 4 Days & Stop Menopause Symptoms

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  • * Learn The Science Behind The Right Food

    * Discover Little Known Facts About Protein

    * How to Clean Your Cells By Cleaning Your Shelves

    * How to Easily Omit The Bad Fats Fast 

    * How to Avoid a 36 Pound Weight Gain

    * Fat Burning Alternatives You'll Love

    * The Variety of Foods You'll Enjoy

    * The Eye Opening Chart: Pretty Shocking

    * Proof Meat Isn't All That

    * How To Eliminate The Major Cell "Clogger"

    * What Is Not an Efficient Source of Calcium

    * How to Build Strong Bones : Correct Calcium

    * How to Shop for Tasty Alternatives to Dairy

    * Crazy Good "Ice Cream"

    * How to Get Started "Cleaning Your Cells"

    * My Personal Quick Grocery List

    * What to Do When Socializing

    * What to Do If Significant Other Isn't On Board

    * How to Overcome Falling Off The Wagon

    * How to Handle Chocolate & The Sweet Tooth

    * How to Eat On The Go: No Matter What

    * How to Navigate Traveling With Ease

    * Exactly What to Say to Waiters

    * How to Order In Restaurants 

    * Super Simple Cooking Techniques

    * My Signature Shake; Fat Burning Twists

    * The One Thing That Sabotages Smoothies

    * How to Do Low Estrogen Intermittent Eating

    * The Best Food Swaps to Feel Better

    * #1 Mistake Around Water Drinking

    * How to Do Alcohol Without Packing On Fat

    * The Gospel On Sugar: Avoid Symptoms

    * Sugar System Bonus! Conquer Cravings

    * How to Be a Dectective with Food Labels

    * Never Shared Before Bonus! A Typical Day

    * Your 3 Special Bonuses

    * 1 How To Find Your Magic Weight 

    * 2 Food Journal With Common Mistakes

    * 3 Food Guide Pyramid Not Taught In School

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