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Updated: Jan 22

Hello and welcome my friend, I'll honor and respect you by speaking truth.

There's so much misinformation about women's health; about health in general.

And my God, you deserve to know the truth.

You'll see I'm real, we'll have fun. You'll get the facts, the science, the nurturing and yes good laughs!!

We will talk serious, like brain, bone and breast health...and that horrific C disease, can't even say the word.

Listen, we'll come to see the treatments they're using today for that God awful disease will be labeled barbaric in years to come. Trust me.

I'm humbly very well trained, and I have lots to teach you, lots.

I know you want to know what to eat, what to buy and how to live without symptoms as you age. How to feel your best and sexy in your clothes... it's about quiet confidence.

No woman should live with night sweats, no sleep, brittle bones or heart disease. You don't have to, I don't.

And you've got babes, young and old to protect too.

And a parent or two if your lucky; they're aging too. That's another ball game we'll play together. I've got some great advice and ideas from years of education and first hand experience.

And you know this unhealthy fire drill we're in, it's not your fault, or anyone's fault.

We were taught what to eat in school, shown that colorful pyramid; we had to memorize the food groups, remember? So wrong.

And, as we sat in class with our little cartons of white milk and most of us, (like me) chose the chocolate :-) well, that all started us girls down a path of acne, menstrual cramps, infertility and perhaps (I sure hope not) but even that C disease.

Those are just a few of the many women's topics we cover in my blogs and videos and in real detail in my private, supportive, membership community Be The Boss of Your Body in Facebook, where most of us over 40... 50ish - 60 ish, live these days.

Want to know more...

Social media; can't run from it, I learned to embrace it, thanks to my teenager.

So, stay tuned I write the truth at least once a week, unless my phone goes crazy then it may be 10 days or so I'll keep you posted. Follow me on my Face book Lana Santti Kontos.

FAST ACTION FOR YOU.... (FAST= Females Acting with Spirit and Truth)

The one thing today I can share to get you going right away...

You've got to watch a few films on Netflix:

Forks Over Knives, Food, Inc., Food Choices, Game Changers.

Say hello and comment and let me know what you think on my blog and on Face book.

Be Vibrant!



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