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The One Thing You Have to Do!

Updated: Jan 22

We're busy, we've had that milestone birthday, we're juggling work, family and aging parents. Days turn into years.

The part we really don't like to think about too deeply... the house, well it's quiet, more often that you like. They're older, they drive, they go to college... they start their life.

When did that sweet tiny human that smiled at you when you lifted them from the crib each morning become an independent thinker and an adult?

No tears, nope, this is a time for you. Rejoice in the freedom that is creeping in here from time to time. I'll show you how to relish in it but you can't...

if you don't do this One Thing.

Listen, I've spent years helping executive clients, business owners and smart women just like you be the boss of their body and live symptom free- zipping their jeans easily and walking in a room with confidence- that's gold.

I know that you know it's time to put your body and health first.

I know too that you've secretly questioned your career, your day, your purpose.

You're savvy and educated in the ways of the world. You've had success but deep down you're more mindful of how you spend your days and what' really in it for you.

No one's getting younger.

And sometimes that excites you and sometimes some guilt creeps in and fear. Stop.

You want more, and you should have it. I know you have it good but in the quiet moments you think can there be more for me? Yes... but you have do this One Thing.

Get to the point Lana...

Ok, You're absolutely amazing and have a lot to offer and I know you hide it when you don't feel so great and every part of your life should mirror that beautiful soul that you are... how you feel shouldn't ruin any part of your day, your night or your life.

You should wake up feeling good; No symptoms, lethargy, bad moods, anxiety, or belly pouch. And no menopause crap! None.

However beautiful...The One Thing you have to do is Make a Decision!

Decide, decide, decide. Make a decision and start.

Decide, to put your health first.

You make a decision right now today that you are going to be the healthiest you can be... relax I didn't say you had to be a runway model or crash diet or hit the gym til you drop.

Today you're just making a decision to never ever look back again, you're putting your health first. And when you decide... more magic happens in your life that you ever imagined.

You're free. When you feel good each and every day...that's freedom my friend trust me.

Listen, you gave me permission to be real by joining my community here and following me so you can't have a life of extraordinary in every area of your world if you're not on top of your game. You've got to feel good, all the time.

And I know things are good but they can be better and it's because you need to decide to put you and your body first. Be the boss of it!

I'll be here to guide you.

If you want in on the secret sauce, look into our private membership community:

FAST ACTION STEP- to help you right now, today.

How much water did you drink today?

Not that fancy water or water with lemons and limes... just plain-filtered water. Get half your body weight in ounces down each day about an hour away from any food. Get a carbon filter at any home store for your kitchen sink if you don't have one. Get some glass containers with the rubber around them to carry around or BPA free containers. Try and save that disposable plastic.

Faithful, daily half your body weight water's vital to your entire world... yes it's a training ground, you'll hate it in the beginning. Just do it. :-) Say hello and comment on my blog and Face book page Lana Santti Kontos

Be Vibrant!



I'm not perfect, I just made the decision.

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