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The #1 Thing You Want to Avoid in Life! xo

Updated: Jan 22

Ok I get it, this may be a bit in your face... but I say it with love from deep in my soul.

Why? Because I want to help you and your family avoid this situation at all costs. (And it will cost you if you're ever faced with this, but let's not put that energy out there.)

If you've ever been in one of these go home, you take a shower, you pray, you drink, you do yoga - you do what ever the hell you have to do today to make a plan so that you do not ever end up in one, ever!

My sweet Father was in one for about four weeks because he needed some therapy to gain strength in his legs (CHF, COPD and Dementia) and he had to have a daily procedure done to his lungs that could not be done at home. Ugh. He worked out, got strong and I thought my God, he's going to be around at least one more year.

He and God had different plans.

He worked hard to get released to get the hell out of there and passed away at home with my Mom and Hospice two weeks later. A much more beautiful, peaceful and elegant way.

I get it now Dad, I do.

I had to set foot in one of those places again recently, this time for my Aunt. And, actually it was the same one my Father was in and down the same exact hallway.

I knew her room number, I remembered my Father's and I had anxiety all week thinking of how I was going to do it once again.

I thought this was so selfish of me, I had my health, my family and friends. And, all I had to do was walk in there again.

I couldn't shake the sick feeling in my gut, the thought of not wanting to look in those rooms to see those poor people knowing that most of them would end their life there in a sterile building full of strangers.

The thoughts of the nights my Dad spent there brought a feeling of bewilderment and sorrow. (We didn't have a choice for those few weeks, he had to have a procedure that could only be done in the nursing home but still, it was awful.)

I got in my car and pulled up to the front so that I could unload my Aunt's belongings and the smell of urine came over me like a wave as I opened the big double front doors. I mean the place is clean and really well run but that smell just can't be helped. It's awful.

I'm telling myself hold your breath, think happy thoughts just go inside Lana!

Well a kind LPN saw me from down the hall and she must have thought I was lost which I was, mentally! She saw that I could use some help carrying things and offered me a cart to lighten my load (physically that is,) because I was sure I needed a therapist at this point.

She said come on follow me we'll get a cart it'll make it easier on you. I'm thinking lady, I need more than a big cart to make this easier but I appreciated her help.

Well the journey to the cart only led us down more hallways, past more rooms, by more nurses stations, around more patients moaning and calling out to you, and yes more urine!

I did it, I'm an adult and a health care professional but when this scenario hits your family it's a different ball game. It shakes you to your core. And sometimes it isn't when you're going through's months or even years later- I'm talking post traumatic stress.

I came home and you got it, I threw my clothes in the washer, jumped in the hot shower and did some calming yoga poses in our bedroom before any of my family got back home. I did.

I ordered a pizza, peeled off the cheese ate that gluten right up and called my daughter who was on her way home and told her to pick up a family pack of OREO thins! I did.

I wondered why this bothered me so...

Well, the core of it is we are not made to go down like that, God did not make our bodies to die like that- riddled with chronic disease so much so you can't be taken care of in your own home near the's barbaric.

And, I hate, hate, hate it that my Dad (and my brother with brain cancer) suffered. You can't dwell on that long; it'll eat you up.

So, I'm spending the rest of my life educating women so that they don't have to have that in their future.

That's why I'm here. I'm glad you're here too. God doesn't cause accidents.

I'm going to teach women- the teachers and nurturers of the world- how to NOT go down like that and how NOT to have their family members go down like that either. (Although if they are over 18, they are the boss of their body.)

And I'm going to give them how to steps, simple checklists and support so they can do it.

And, I'm going to use accurate, gold - standard science- based health information.

And, I'm going to have fun with them because my God life is serious and we have to laugh.

(Believe me I'll crack you up, I've made a truckload of mistakes trying to get myself healthy from IBS, acid reflux and the yo-yo weight gain. My rare education saved me.)

And you have my word I'll give you the "pull back the curtain" version so you don't trip down that road any further my friend.

And it's all in Be The Boss of Your Body...

I've figured it out, granted it took years of school but I got it and that's why sailing through menopause happened for me, why my stomach is settled without the "pouch" and why I'm confident how I want to exit this Earth. News flash none of us are getting out of here alive- I know sorry in your face again, but with love.

My FAST ACTION can help you get started on the right path today:

FAST ACTION STEP- You probably picked up that I ripped the cheese off my pizza. Do the same. Dairy, and I teach a whole class on it, well it's a dangerous player. Dairy depletes the minerals from your bones and teeth, paralyzes the digestive system, causes osteoporosis and promotes tumor growth, yes, this is serious. So take FAST ACTION and Read "The China Study" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Thomas Campbell.

You know in our 30's we're decorating our new house, in our 40's we're out to dinner at a great restaurant sipping a big girl martini and vacationing at the beach with our children and in our 50's we're driving to the ER, taking people to assisted livings and to freaking nursing homes!

No, not me, not you, ...stick with me.

Be Vibrant!



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