How I Can Help You Sail Thru Menopause!

Ok I share with you because I want to help you. I'm 55 (at the time I wrote this) and yes I sailed through menopause unscathed.


And let me say this is not your fault, it isn't. You, me, we are blessed to live in an affluent first world nation. It's a blessing and in this respect a curse.

Did you know that 3/4 of the women in the world don't even know what menopause is? They had no symptoms.

Ok so why did I a woman like me, a Mom, who lives in the USA sail through it without symptoms?

Simple, my education then my training.

Yes I'm an ND, a naturopath, but I don't practice like one.

What I mean is I spent six years studying in diet and lifestyle medicine school with one of the foremost cancer experts on the planet, a world renowned nutritional biochemist from Cornell University, a former surgeon from The Cleveland Clinic, Ph.Ds in nutrition, a phenomenal, experienced cognitive behavioral therapist and a rare group of medical doctors who put their patients first and their careers on the line by teaching how whole food, plant- based

(not vegan) nutrition can back down disease.

Time's precious, you don't have that kind of time to learn all that, it took years.

So, what's one thing you can do to begin your highway to health and living without the flashes, the moods and the belly? (I'm gonna give you two steps here today :-) )


Ditch the cheese, the milk, the butter, the ice cream, the yogurt. Yes even organic, 2%, 1% yes all of it. Listen... Dairy is the devil when it comes to disease, constipation (oooooh, that's a subject I dive into later,) and yes hot flashes, extra pounds and night sweats.

Dear Lord cheese alone is 74% fat... way, way too much. It's like painting fat on your hips, thighs and belly, not fun. I feel the jeans getting tighter thinking about it.

I know that sounds harsh and you love cheese! I did too. That's not your fault either as it breaks down in your gut, wrecks havoc in your brain and acts like a drug. It does. Cheese a drug? Yep. You're tricked, sabotaged all these years! So relax I'll help you.

I'm going to teach you a huge piece of cutting cravings right now and it has to do with your gut, literally inside your gut; we've got to mend the lining of your gut. However right away, you've got to switch out your dairy products; start to experiment with low sugar, low fat, plant milks (not soy.)

Yes those plant - based ice creams are yummy but full of sugar so lay low, use them as treats, like your birthday, Thanksgiving on your pie or 4th of July cook out. God Bless the USA.

The SECOND thing I promised; look if you like a little of the sauce... cut back.

Yes I'm talking wine, beer, alcohol. I love a good (girly) martini now and again but alcohol will fire up those flashes like gasoline. And it basically tells your body to store fat, store fat, store fat.

So lay off the sauce a bit especially if you enjoy a glass while you're cooking each night or you're quick to suggest a social night out. Just watch. 1- 2 a week is all.

Hang with me I have years, I mean years of things to teach you and there's lots of detail.

Say hello and comment on my blog and Face book Lana Santti Kontos.

The blog here is meant to honor you, to help you and to love you where you are at because I know you're smart and...

I'll give you one FAST ACTION STEP that you can take and begin to make some changes.

Ah, here's a little spoiler alert in Be The Boss of Your Body Membership in Facebook...

I literally take you through the exact steps and habits, ah there's a word, that will transform your body, your mind and your world.

If you're ready join us, then you won't be left out.

If not, that's ok, I'll be blogging away.

The thing is I speak the truth and if you've got some change of life symptoms going on, that's a red flag. Don't wait too long gorgeous.

Be Vibrant!



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